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Del Rey Committed to Organics

Fallbrook, CA – It has been over 12 years now since Del Rey Avocado made both a strategic and social decision to commit a significant amount of the product they grow and market to be USDA Certified Organic. The family-owned company has been committed to producing high-quality avocados in an environmentally sustainable manner since its […] Read more

Del Rey Avocado Launches NEW Website

Fallbrook, CA – With the fast-paced changes facing the fresh produce industry, Del Rey Avocado, in an effort to meet the needs of their customer base, made a decision late in 2017 to begin the complete redesign of their website. The new website (recently launched) focuses on providing buyers from both the retail and foodservice […] Read more

Special events highlight CAC’s marketing activities

June usually is in the sweet spot of promotable California avocado volume, and this year has been no exception. Since 2012 the California Avocado Commission has marketed June as California Avocado Month. The celebration continued this season with a full slate of marketing activity to support the fruit’s peak availability. CAC’s California Avocado Month activities […] Read more

This New Avocado Takes Forever To Ripen And Maybe You’ll Never Waste An Avocado Again

A new long-lasting avocado is launching in Costco. It’s sold by the Del Rey Avocado Company and is coated with a plant-derived additive that doubles its shelf life. It will cost about $5 for a bag of five avocados. The avocados are treated with a powder from Apeel Sciences that is made from lipids and […] Read more

Del Rey Avocado New Jersey Plant, A HUGE Success

Fallbrook, CA – When Del Rey Avocado purchased their new facility in Vineland, New Jersey back in January 2017, they did not expect to have to double its capacity so quickly. But thanks to consumers in the Eastern United States, and their growing appetite for quality Del Rey Avocados (which include conventionally grown, organically grown […] Read more

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