Del Rey Avocado is proud to be selling single serving Gator Eggs from Shanley Farms.  These avocados are the perfect size for everyday use- guaranteeing that your avocados will never sit half eaten in your fridge again. This is a 6 pack of size 84 avocados packed in a carton similar to the one used to pack a half dozen eggs.  This sized avocado is ideal for a sandwich, spread on toast, eaten as a snack, a salad topper and more.  Avocados are known in other parts of the world as alligator pears and when packed in the 6 pack 'egg' container, Shanley Farms came up with the term Gator Eggs.  We know you will enjoy this specialty product, call our sales team today to find out how you can crack open some of these delicious eggs!


Visit Shanley Farms website for information about this new specialty fruit!  

Gator Eggs were recently reviewed on the Produce Retailer website.  Watch the video below to see what one smart mom had to say about this product.




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