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Avocados are not only our business, they are part of who we are.  Since we packed our first avocado in 1969, Del Rey Avocado has been family-owned and operated.  Three generations of family have grown, picked, sold and eaten avocados that have been packed by Del Rey Avocado.  As growers ourselves, we understand first-hand the diverse needs and interests of our avocado growers. 

Our passion is to do what we can for California growers. We want to keep California Avocados strong in the market and support the growers that feel the same way that we do.  One of our best competitive advantages over other packing houses has always been the pre-season and post-season harvests in Southern California. We want California growers to be first into the market as soon as their fruit is ready.  As soon as our growers are ready to pick, Del Rey Avocado's sales team is ready to sell!

Our hands-on approach to working with growers ensures that growers know what is happening with their fruit every step of the way.  Our field personnel can assist growers on a variety of levels.  We visit groves to give you a crop estimate of your harvest, we suggest harvest strategies that will optimize your crop value, taking into account market pricing and product supply and demand, we provide daily quotes via fax or email, we have a secure grower packout  website that gives our growers access to their individual grove packouts, pricing information and updates, and, lastly, we keep our growers informed about industry highlights, upcoming opportunities, and important announcements through our monthly newsletter.  

Please contact one of our field personnel today to find out how we may best serve you as a grower! 






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