Field Personnel


Bob Siemer

Senior Grower Manager
Phone: (760) 535-1033

Bob’s career in the avocado farming industry began in 1974 when he started taking care of a 200-acre avocado orchard in Goleta, California. After four years of learning and becoming an expert on planting, irrigating, fertilizing, pruning, and how to maximize production, he expanded his reach in grove management to multiple groves.

In 1988, Bob had the opportunity to purchase Del Rey Avocado from his father-in-law and continue to expand the legacy of their avocado packing house company for a third generation. He chose Bob Lucy and Ruben Hofshi, two of his most trusted friends and business associates, to assist him in this new venture.

In the 1990’s, he began managing personally-owned properties alongside Del Rey Avocado.  He firmly believes that his understanding of both sides of the coin will help both farmers and Del Rey Avocado to thrive in any economy. He and his partners have made it their mission to see to it that growers succeed, and the California avocado market prosper and increase.


Jessica Hunter

Grower Manager
Phone: (760) 535-0122

Jessica was born and raised on an 120-acre Avocado ranch in Bonsall, California.  She went to college at the University of San Diego and earned a Bachelor's Degree  in Business Administration with an emphasis on marketing and finance.  In 2002, Jessica became the first of the third generation to work in the family business when she started at Del Rey Avocado with her father, Bob.  Since then, she has developed an understanding of the business from the ground up.  She jumped in with a very “hands on” approach, helping to manage over 100 acres of Del Rey Groves.

In 2004, Jessica successfully converted 15 acres of avocados to organic and she now enjoys helping other growers successfully do the same.  Jessica currently runs the organic field-side of Del Rey Avocado.  She enjoys having one-on-one conversations with growers to assist in their fruit development and production.  She routinely sends out quotes to farmers,  so they can stay on top of current market trends and statuses.

Jessica is married and has two beautiful young children, Logan and Sarah.  Both kids' first food was an avocado – their grandpa made sure of it!

Gerardo Huerta

GAP Representative
Grower Manager
(760) 801-2797

Avocados have always been a part of Gerardo's life.  He was born in Escondido and raised in Fallbrook, California where he spent the better part of his days working alongside his father visiting and managing avocado groves.  Gerardo loved to play soccer and earned a soccer scholarship while playing at Palomar College in San Marcos to continue playing at Dominican College in San Rafael, California.  While there, he studied business management and marketing, preparing himself to move back home and continue working in the avocado industry. 

Gerardo spent 12 years gaining experience in field management working at his family's business: A&G Grove Service.  While there, he was responsible for coordinating field activities, including harvesting crews and daily operations.

His transition to Del Rey Avocado couldn't have been easier- his experience maintaining strong personal relationships with growers, experience working in the field and managing groves was a perfect fit with the way that Del Rey's field personnel works with their growers.  He enjoys the time he gets to spend with each of his growers, helping them to make sound decisions about their fruit and harvesting. His passion is food safety, specifically helping increase the safety of moving fruit from groves to consumers.  He works hand-in-hand with growers during the auditing process and has been trained in the GAP certification process and knows what it takes to help growers complete the process.

Mario Martinez
Grove Manager
Phone:  805-368-6288

Mario grew up around avocados with his uncles in Mexico.  When he came to California, his first job was working in an avocado ranch.  In 1980 he started working at a large avocado ranch and at a young age became a grove manager.  A decade later, he became a partner of this 100 acre ranch which offered him a different perspective from the grower's point of view.  A few years later, he began working as a field representative in his area.  It was a chance to put his ability and experience to the test by talking to growers and learning more about the issues that affect farmers and the industry, again from a grower's perspective.  

He specializes in pruning avocado trees to maximize production and longevity.  Growers in Ventura County and north are adapting pruning techniques that he developed in the late 90s and have fine tuned since.  With good results and continuous production, he sees a strong future in the avocado industry.  


Wayne Brydon

Grower Manager
Phone: (760) 468-7944

Wayne was born and raised in the farming industry. His father was a farm manager and raised Wayne on an Avocado and Citrus orchard in Goleta, California.  After Wayne earned his degree in Economics from the University of California in Davis, he served four years in the United States Coast Guard.  After that time, he worked for a number of major packers ranging from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.  He then served as the Field Services Manager for the California Avocado Commission.  Wayne's expertise is in grower interaction through marketing, packing, and shipping which is where his self-described “comfort zone” and his true passion lay.

Currently, Wayne lives in beautiful and scenic Fallbrook, California where he has raised two kids and earned his most prestigious title: that of a grandfather.  Both of his children are happily married and he is a grandfather to a handsome grandson.

Wayne enjoys supporting the California Avocado, and he has served on the Board of Directors for the Avocado Society, including a two-year term as President.




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