Del Rey Avocado New Jersey Plant, A HUGE Success


Fallbrook, CA – When Del Rey Avocado purchased their new facility in Vineland, New Jersey back in January 2017, they did not expect to have to double its capacity so quickly. But thanks to consumers in the Eastern United States, and their growing appetite for quality Del Rey Avocados (which include conventionally grown, organically grown and the highly sought after Fair Trade product line), volume has steadily increased over the past 18 months necessitating an immediate plan to add an additional 30,000 square feet of Cold storage and ripening rooms.

The Vineland, New Jersey facility services as far north as Maine, south to the Carolinas, and West to the Missouri Valley. The market in the Northeast is less mature than that of the Western and Southwestern United States. However, more and more retailers are adding additional SKUs where they traditionally carried only bulk avocados. Many retailers are carrying at least three different pack options, which research has shown increases consumer purchases. The addition of the SKUs has not taken away from the bulk sales, rather it has increased the overall sales of avocados. This is a proven merchandising strategy in produce departments as evidenced by Nielsen market research conducted on “berry patch” merchandising, and other specialty commodities like artichokes.

As a result of increased demand on bags Del Rey Avocado has recently added two additional bagging lines in New Jersey in the last month. At the same time a plan to add two additional ripening rooms, increasing capacity, has been put in motion. The new rooms are expected to be finished by July 2018. Product for this facility is primarily from Mexico, but Del Rey also stores fruit from Chile, Peru, and California when in season.

“With the addition of state of the art cooling, ripening, and bagging facilities out of Vineland we feel well positioned to service all avocado needs in the growing Northeast region,” said Donny Lucy, Vice President of East Coast Region.

Del Rey Avocado is one of the few California based companies that owns its facilities on the East Coast, which gives the company total control over operations. The company employs seven full-time professionals who are experts in avocado ripening and handling out of the Vineland facility. The Vineland facility is led by industry veteran and avocado expert Joe Heinz, who has over 25 years of experience in the avocado industry.

Del Rey Avocado expects the demand for its fruit to continue to increase over the next five to seven years and is well positioned with strong growers and international procurement to keep up with the demand from Northeastern retailers, foodservice, and ultimately consumers who love avocados.

For more information contact Donny Lucy, Vice President of East Coast Region at 760-728-8325 or