Organic Avocados

Interest in growing and buying organic avocados is steadily increasing.  People are choosing healthier lifestyles and learning that their food choices matter.

Years ago, the owners of Del Rey Avocado saw this movement and took steps to be at the forefront of growing, marketing and selling organic avocados. As market interest has increased for organic avocados, Del Rey Avocado has continually met this demand.

Del Rey Avocado has emerged as a leader in packing and selling California's organic avocados.  Our packing house is certified by Organic Certifiers, ensuring that the avocados we accept, pack and sell can be labeled organic avocados. 

Our Field Personnel successfully transitioned one of their own avocado groves to organic years ago.  Through this experience, they gained the knowledge and information to make them valuable partners in making decisions with your own organic grove. 

Whether you are a long-time grower of organic avocados or are interested in transitioning your grove, our trained field personnel can support you in everything you need.  Our extensive knowlegdge can assist you in helping you take steps toward certification, fertilizer choice and application, integrated pest management and more. 

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