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Del Rey Avocado is one of the industry leaders in Organic Avocados with supplies year round from California, Chile and Mexico. No matter how big or small your organic avocado needs are we know we can help increase your demand for organic avocados.

When we saw the demand for organic produce on the rise, we knew it was time to start building a strong organic program to supply market with organic avocados. We have aligned ourselves with a number a farmers that share the same values of produce sustainability. With the help of these farmers, we have seen our production increase each year. With their continued support and our continued organic avocado planting we will continue carry the highest quality organic avocados available for the market.

Del Rey Avocado has emerged as a leader in packing and selling California's organic avocados.  Our packing house is certified by Organic Certifiers, ensuring that the avocados we accept, pack and sell can be labeled organic avocados.





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