Del Rey Committed to Organics


Fallbrook, CA – It has been over 12 years now since Del Rey Avocado made both a strategic and social decision to commit a significant amount of the product they grow and market to be USDA Certified Organic.

The family-owned company has been committed to producing high-quality avocados in an environmentally sustainable manner since its founding in 1969. So, when the company recognized an emerging trend towards a preference for organic avocados by a percentage of the consumer population, they decided without hesitation to transition an initial 200 acres in Northern San Diego County to being certified organic. This was just the beginning of what continues to be a deep-rooted commitment to produce the highest quality fruit for the fastest growing segment in the fresh produce category.

Del Rey Farms Organics

The organic avocado category leader.

Over the years, Del Rey Avocado has not only continued to transition significant acreage over to organic, but has also made tremendous investments in planting new trees. This unwavering commitment has led to a consistent 15% growth per year in organic production for the company.

Organic avocados represent about 10% percent of California’s production; however, Del Rey Avocado’s organic production far exceeds (by percentage) of the industry overall. Del Rey is able to offer organic avocados year-round, giving them a significant competitive advantage. At the present time, Del Rey is marketing organics from all their growing regions with the exception of Chile.

“New customers are requesting organic avocados all the time,” said Bob Lucy, company president. “Some of the hottest markets include Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New England, New York, and Baltimore. We are seeing growth in the Southeast as well,” continued Lucy.

“Our goal as a company is to be able to have consistent volume year-round,” said Patrick Lucy, company vice president. “This year alone we are committing 300 new acres of organics internationally, thus enabling us to fill any production gaps in California,” he continued.

Recognizing consumer trends is very important to company leadership. One such trend they are seeing is consumers requesting more organic avocados in bags or other types of packaging. The company continues to look at new innovative ways to offer avocados in a method that consumers want, while minimizing their environmental footprint. Another growing trend is the demand for Fair Trade products, which the company has been committed to for the past three years. Donny Lucy said, “Our Fair-Trade program fits right in with our commitment to organics, social responsibility, the environment and operating in a sustainable manner.”

Del Rey Avocado expects the demand for its fruit to continue to increase. The company is well positioned with strong growers and international procurement team to keep up with the demand from Northeastern retailers, foodservice, and ultimately consumers who love organic avocados.

In operation since 1969, Del Rey Avocado is a family-owned business located in Fallbrook, CA.  Del Rey packs California avocados grown from San Diego to San Luis Obispo County. The company also has operations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. With over 40 years of experience running a quality packing house operation, they continue to be both farmers at heart and in practice.