Food Safety

Del Rey Avocado has a commitment to providing safe and delicious avocados to all of our customers.  In order to meet this commitment, we take part in a variety of initiatives designed to move our fruit safely from the trees to our customer's plates. 

Del Rey Avocado has supported the avocado industry in creating and using the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) programs to ensure that food safety remains a priority in the avocado industry.  

The GAP program seeks to identify all potential sources of food contaminants that may exist on an avocado ranch.  The program is designed to give growers the tools they need to control and monitor any potential contamination sources commonly found in groves.  When growing and harvesting food, there is always a potential for food safety issues.  Del Rey Avocado works with growers, using the GAP program, to manage these issues.

If you are a grower, please contact our GAP representative,
Gerardo Huerta, to find out how we can support your own certification. He has worked with numerous growers as they have navigated the auditing process.  He has a strong understanding of the what growers need  and a passion for working with them step by step as they become GAP effectively. 



Del Rey Avocado has a third party, independent laboratory complete a safety audit of our facility each year.  This ensures that our facility meets our stringent safety standards and that the avocados we pack are safe and contaminant free. 



Del Rey Avocado also takes part in an annual Supplier Code of Condut audit for the Costco Wholesale Corporation.  We recognize that food safety goes hand-in-hand with employee safety.  This social audit ensures that we provide a fair and safe workplace for all of our employees.




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