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When are California avocados picked?

Each type of avocado has a maturity release date that has been set by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. California avocados are harvested year round. Visit our page about Avocado Maturity Release Dates to see when your fruit may be picked.

How are avocados harvested?

We ask that growers contact our field personnel at the beginning of the growing season. They will visit your grove and look at your trees to determine yield and harvesting times. Our team prides itself on maintaining close communication with clients. As growers themselves, they know the importance of timely information and picking when the market is ready. They can help maximize profits based on fruit and market readiness. We can provide a crew to pick the avocados if the ranch doesn’t have its own.

When and how will I get paid?

We will provide clean bins, conventional or organic, based on the trees being picked. They will be loaded onto a boom truck by Del Rey Avocado employees and then brought to our loading dock to be packed. The avocados are packed based on the preference of our sales customers. These include 25 pound lugs, flats, deli boxes or bags.

After the avocados have been harvested and packed, a packout is created for each grower. This document shows the grower how and when the fruit was graded, determining the price that will be given for the avocados. Payment will be sent to the grower within 30-35 days after the avocados have been picked.

Weather Conditions by Region

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