Organic Varieties

Del Rey Avocado has a commitment to providing delicious organic avocados to consumers year round.  In order to meet this goal, we pack and ship three varieties of avocado that come to maturity at different times of the year. 

    Organic Hass  

Hass avocados are often considered the 'standard' avocado that are most familiar to consumers.  California Hass are available  February through October and Mexican Hass are available year round.  They have a pale green flesh with a creamy texture. 



   Organic Lamb Hass  

Lamb Hass is a less known but equally delicious and beautiful avocado.  It is known as a 'summer fruit,' having a picking season from June through September.  It looks and ripens like a hass avocado and is known for its exceptional flavor and size.




   Organic Reed

We offer organic Reed avocados for sale from July through August. Organic Reeds are a wonderful addition to an organic produce line. Reeds are a very large and buttery avocado that are a perfect compliment to delicious summer meals. 






   Organic Bacon

The organic Bacon is a less known but delicious avocado.  It is available all winter, from late fall into spring.  It is medium in size, with a light taste and a smooth green skin.  The skin stays green when the fruit is ripe.


















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